About us

The Elite Entourage LLC is a unique entity that specialises in an expansive array of initiatives working with wholesalers, retailers, Ecommerce websites in the Global arena.
With offices located in Los Angeles and Gold Coast, Australia as a Global Product Sourcing Platform our core focus is providing opportunities of growth for various Retail markets specifically within the USA to export globally in bulk as well as within the USA.

Global Product Sourcing Broker – Supplier – Distributor – Wholesaler to

The largest Ecommerce groups and Retailers and Independent buyers

Around the Globe.


CURRENT FOCUS: Selling Our Factory Direct SURGICAL MASKS 2 MILLION UNITS allocated to us Weekly.

    • Our current priority focus is selling in Bulk from Peru our Surgical Masks
    • We are focused with priority on supplying many bulk buyers for Medical Grade MASKS – SANITISERS AND WIPES for our global buyers on a large scale and are in high demand, particularly with our factory direct contracts in place with both a PERU and MEXICO Factory.
    • We provide all full videos, images, certificates, analysis report docs and testing documents, along with being able to provide on a regular weekly basis as we own the stock and have our contracts in place. Please contact us on the second page to connect if you are interested in buying bulk for these types of products in this volatile marketplace.


the ability to source brands and products for your specialized needs and requests



connecting your brand To global markets and buyers instantly



Providing growth for your brand through instant bulk global trading markets



Providing referrals to global reputable logistics companies Through experience

Countries we ship to include – ASIA – AUSTRALIA – MIDDLE EAST – EUROPE – UK and USA

  • Providing immediate access for established and emerging USA brands to reach substantial databases of over 150+ million collectively allowing for growth quickly and efficiently, building brand awareness, sales and profits, and reaching new customer databases to build your brand.
  • With Los Angeles based Distribution warehouses and from throughout the USA and Europe it allows for products to be streamlined and dispatched direct from major suppliers for all product categories.
  • Sourcing a wide range of USA products, from Luxury High End Fashion Bags and Apparel and Accessories, Beauty and Cosmetics, Baby Brands, Jewelry and FMCG
  • Large Quantity bulk buy and sell broker of branded goods to the USA and International arena.